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We believe that the BMW marque offers the best car for driving, safety and quality. And fun to drive, nice bang-for-buck in the used car market. While we carry other cars and motorcycles, we are especially pleased to offer a selection of used BMWs which we have carefully inspected and stand behind. We are not especially concerned with the miles on the ODO, because we have found 30,000 mile cars which we would not sell to anyone, and 250,000 mile cars I would send my daughter to the west coast tomorrow without a worry. The most important part of a used BMW is what kind and how much care and service the car has had. Some of our cars we buy from other dealers, some from the BMW financial sales auctions and some we take on trade or purchase outright from the owners. I wish every one was perfect, but they would not be used cars, then. We try to make up that difference by being honest and open about any flaws with the vehicle you are considering.

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Yep, got these too, though in far fewer numbers. Usually trade-ins, sometimes we will buy them from another dealer at an attractive price, which we pass on to you.

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